Dear Publication Advisors

To Publish Online or In Print?

Dear Publishing Advisors,

Is it easier to get published online than in print? I have a friend who says online publishing is not as good as an actual bound magazine. Is one more authentic than the other?


Digital vs. Paper


Dear Digital vs. Paper,

There are prestigious online publications and there are indiscriminate online publications. The same goes for print. Since print publication has become less popular, more publications (of all types) are shifting their focus online. Online has the benefit of diverse marketing tools as well as a lower production cost.

The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Penn Review, are now all available online. University journals are rapidly growing their audience through the web.  Even places like Tin House now have the option to submit for their online publication of essays and blog posts.

Whether online or in print, every publication needs to be reviewed before submitting. Does their style fit yours? What is the contrast between their established and emerging writers? Are they affiliated with a university or traditional press? These are the questions that matter.


Publishing Advisor



Rebecca Lee