Publishing Assistance for Magazines, Blogs, Newspapers


Publishing Assistance 

Our publishing advisors want to help you navigate the world of professional writing.  Do you have a psychology article, personal essay, flash fiction piece, or an opinion editorial? There are lots of reasons why writers publish in blogs, magazines, newspapers or journals. Sometimes they have just written a book and need to promote their subject matter. Other times they may feel validated by having an opinion published. Maybe they're looking for money. No matter the reason, we can guide you through the process. 


Services and Pricing:

  • Editing (Developmental editing as well as copy editing)  $.02 per word
  • Individualized, step-by-step, writing plans for future goals. (This may include: publishing a book, publishing in a top tier magazine, writing for a popular blog) Flat fee of $75

  • A customized list of 5-7 publications specifically selected and researched for your story.  Flat fee of $75


The Benefits Of Working With A Publishing Advisor:

  • Information on acceptance and rejection rates per magazine
  • An edited piece of professional-quality writing
  • Writing that is matched with specific magazines for optimal publishing potential
  • Personalized writing plans for motivation and direction